Nailed it!

There’s one thing you should know about me. I don’t play when it comes to my nails- they must be “did” at all times.

Back in the day, my mum had to ban me from using her nail polish. I was enchanted by the plethora of choices that were (literally) at my fingertips. and couldn’t resist changing colours several times a day.

As time went on, I progressed to funking thangs up a bit. First it was painting each nail a different colour, then adding glitter, and YES I was the first girl in my class to pierce her nails with an earring (again, the earring belonged to my long-suffering mum). Girl, I thought I was IT!

I then progressed to painting patterns on my nails with trimmed paintbrushes. Creating gradients. Adding gems. People would stare at my blinged-out, multicoloured talons and be like “um… really?”

Fast forward to modern times and suddenly nail art is the very epitome of hip! Huzzah!

I love trying out new nail art on my friends- they are my muses and guinea pigs. Get your chops round some of my faves:

Mondrian- inspired with strawberry feature nail 


Repping my city- flying the flag for Ghana Independence Day


Baby pink tribal


Vintage-style baby blue floral


Dark green and gold art-deco, Gatsby inspired


Anyone else obsessed? Hit me up in the comments.

Love, Adjpants


4 thoughts on “Nailed it!

  1. Lovely nail art! My favourite one has to be the Ghanaian flag ^_^ hihi
    I felt in love with nail polishes in Jun last year. Now I have over 40 nail polishes, I just LOVE them.

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