In Those Jeans…

I will always be a chubby girl. Curves in all the right places, and some of the wrong places too. But it recently dawned on me: BEING CHUBBY DOESN’T MEAN I CAN’T LOOK FABULOUS. Why are the two mutually exclusive? As long as I’m fit and healthy (work in progress) why does it matter that I’m not a size zero? But that’s a post for another day.

Today we’re talking about jeans. Hug- your-hips, cradle-your-backside, hold-your-thighs, make-a-full-man-hungry, dang-was-she-sewn-into-them, perfect jeans.

For full-figured girls like me, a well-fitting pair of jeans are a total game changer. A lot of the options are extremely pricey- but worth a special mention are my darlings at Their tagline gives me life: “Some women just have more.” Yes Lawd.

However I have just had my life changed by a much cheaper pair of jeans. All hail the Ultra Soft Super Skinny jean, only £11 from… where else? Primark.


These jeans are butter-soft and pliable, with a beautiful slim cut and great stretch. My pet peeve is low-rise jeans (urgh) and these are fantastic. I can pull them right up over my hips and belt them firmly at the waist. I got them in a medium-blue wash called “RetroBlast” and have worn them every day since.

Here are a couple of my favorite looks so far:



I’m so deep in love. What a difference a bit of denim makes!

Love, Adjpants

P.s. No Ginuwine, there ISN’T any room for you. Soz.


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