My Girl

You know how I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day? Oh you didn’t know? Well I have. And it’s because I’m talking about my girl… Rosie. If my life was a pop song, she would be the uplifting key change.

Rosie was the Office Manager at the agency I worked for. She was this vivacious blonde bombshell, and I sighed with envy over her style and general awesomeness. Then one fateful day we got chatting about books. We quickly bonded over our glee at the use of the c-bomb in Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I thought “She gets me!” and the rest was history.

As you may know by now, I spent about 3 years living in Melbourne, Australia. When I look back on my happiest memories of that incredible city, Rosie is in almost all of them. She became my go-to-plus-one for art exhibitions, brunching at hip restaurants, boyband concerts, and general gallivanting around town. Having now relocated back to London, I miss her like a lost limb.

The purpose of this post is threefold:

1) To formally introduce you to Rosie, who writes a divine style and fashion blog called aredlipandanudeshoe (jump on there immediately, this girl puts together outfits that’ll make you WEEP).

2) To show you this hawt picture of the two of us:


3) To thank Rosie, from the bottom of my heart, for brightening up my world.

Look out for a guest post from Rosie coming soon!


9 thoughts on “My Girl

      1. YES!!!!

        You totally deserve it as your blog is just so amazing ❤

        I'm so happy I found you and your blog =)

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