Soundtrack to My Weekend: Can We Talk? Tevin Campbell

My love for Tevin Campbell runs deeper than the ocean. You need to know this about me. In fact if I ever wrote a novel, it would be called “We Need to Talk About Tevin.”

You know how there’s always that one song permanently playing in your head? The one you sing in the shower/hum while you vacuum? This is mine. I adore this song for REASONS. They are:

1. It reminds me of the angst of those teenage years. The sleepless nights. The staring at the back of their head in class, planning your dream wedding. The way you knew that if you could just talk to them for ONE MINUTE… everything could change (providing you didn’t fear-vomit in your mouth first).

2. Are you going to sit there and tell me you don’t see the perfection of Tevin’s outfit? Stop that! As a teenager I LIVED in that flannel shirt/baggy jeans combo. The baggier your clothes, the more surrious your swag *snaps fingers*

3. I love the youthful exuberance of the people in this video. Just hanging out in the park, throwing their heads back with laughter, no big deal. Delightful! And when was the last time your crush pushed you on a tire swing? Do they even still exist, or is there an app for that now?

4. I love how the largeness of this boy’s head never took away from his cool. He just went right ahead and sang his slender ass off in front of that flowing river.

5. The amount of SASS and passion when he took it to the bridge (not the actual bridge- I mean the melodic bridge) “One more chance… for LOOOOOVE, LOVE, LOVE” Girl I would have given him ALL OF the chances!

6. The slow-mo shoulder shimmy in 2:24-2:26. I am unable. You know how that made you feel.

I will always love this song, and none of these modern-day young bucks will ever take Tevin’s place. I’m looking at you, Mr Derulo.

So can I request a resounding “YAAAAS” in this place?




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