A Land Down Under

Darlings! Hi! How is everyone? Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere freezing our tits off, well… this too shall pass. Those of you living it up in balmy weather in the Southern Hemisphere- my jealousy right now is so deep. I’m looking DIRECTLY at Rosie of aredlipandanudeshoe fame.

Now! Some of you may already know that I am a foodie, and I love the eating of things. ALL OF THE THINGS. I was able to fully indulge this passion while living overseas in Melbourne, Australia. While I was there, Rosie and I had the honour and delight of writing for an incredible site called Urban Usher. It was founded by one of Rosie’s friends- a wonderful gentleman called David Chappell. This awesome site features local foodies writing about their favourite haunts. Imagine you’re headed on a cheeky city break. Of course you’d want to know the essentials: Where should I stuff my face? Where should I wet my whistle?

Working with Urban Usher was amazing; we got to share our passion for hidden gems- the best local restaurants, cafes and bars. Gallivanting around Melbourne with my dearest Rosie was the highlight of my time in Australia. I can’t wait to share my past reviews with you guys- look out for them coming soon to the Travel section!

Of course if you’re ever headed to Australia (AND YOU SHOULD BE), make sure you check out Urban Usher first!



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