Serving Face at The Toast!

There are times when you’re just mooshing along and something incredible happens. One evening I started chatting to an UBER COOL gal called Mallory Ortberg on Twitter, and she had a read through Love, Adjpants. And she LIKED it! I was thrilled. Then she asked me how I felt about writing a monthly beauty column for her blog, The Toast.

Cue cartwheels, the dancing of an intricate celebratory Azonto, and banshee-screams on my end. “OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS F*CK YES I WOULD LOVE TO” was the general gist of my response, and so “Putting Your Face On With Adwoa” was born. Mallory came up with the title, and I instantly fell in love with it. And her. But I digress!

Writing my first column was hilarious and fun and terrifying, and I enjoyed every minute. Here’s an extract of that first column below:

“So growing up I just accepted that I was never going to be pretty. Instead I concentrated on quietly blending into the background. But you know how sometimes a person comes crashing into your life and shakes things up? When I was in my early 20s I became friends with an absolute glamazon. I was intimidated by her swishy-shiny hair and immaculate make-up, but she turned out to be lovely and warm. She took me under her wing, and one day she asked if she could try some make-up on me. Just this once. When she finally handed me the mirror afterwards I sat there in disbelief. It was me- but the best possible version of me. Defined. Glowing. I suddenly sat up straighter and lifted my chin. From that day on I stopped trying to blend in and started learning how to stand out.”

Intrigued? Say yes! Read the full column here!

And darlings if you’re not already reading The Toast, you effing should be. It’s amazing and you truly have to read it to believe it. Get stuck in!




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