Soundtrack to my Weekend: InDeep- Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Darlings, last night a DJ saved my life.

It was the end of a rubbish week; non-stop rain, London transport fuckery and rough days at work. I was left feeling stressed, vulnerable, and on edge. Then one of my friends said the two magic words: GAY BAR.

Cue shrieks of excitement, piling high of hair and over-exuberant application of eye makeup. I was LIVING for the weekend and so ready to Get. On. Down. We headed to Escape Bar & Nightclub in Soho and proceeded to get #TurntUp. There had been whispered rumours of £1 tequila shots. Having been hurt before, I dared not believe it could be true. BUT IT WAS. The only thing better than £1 shots is when the DJ seems to be playing every single one of your favourite songs in a relentless display of turntable prowess.

We were packed on that dancefloor like sardines, and I can safely say it was one of the best nights out I’ve ever had. The crowd was wild and fun and the atmosphere was electric. The DJ whipped us into a frenzy- every time I thought about sitting down, I would hear the opening bars of another amazing track and proceed to lose my damn mind.

Highlights of the night:

1. The moment when Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” came on and I found myself in an intense dance battle in the centre of the floor. There was much whipping of hair back and forth, and there may even have been a hasty removal of earrings.

2. The moment when Fuse’s “Antenna” came on and the stoic bouncer was suddenly overcome by the beat. My dude was just unable to contain himself. The crowd cheered him on as he threw off his jacket and started cutting SERIOUS shapes by the door.

3. The moment when I took a shaky deep breath and surprised myself by exhaling it in a laugh. It caught me completely off guard mid-track, mid-spin on the dancefloor.

That was when I remembered that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed every once in a while. Sometimes all you have to do is wait for the beat to drop.



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