Froyo Frenzy: Yo-Chi Frozen Yoghurt Bar, Melbourne, Australia

Here are my two favourite lies to tell myself.

1) I will be one day become Mrs Denzel Washington.
2) Frozen yoghurt, as opposed to ice-cream, is GOOD FOR YOU.

Yes. I know that both of these delicious treats (ice cream and yoghurt, that is, n
ot ice cream and Denzel) are pretty much made of the same ingredients. But please, let me have this. When I heard that yet another froyo joint was opening and this time in my hood, I was quite excited. When I say “quite” I mean standing everyday with my face pressed up against the windows, scratching at the glass and whimpering. When the place finally opened, there was a crowd clamouring to get in. I fought the mob, elbowed a few overly exuberant patrons in the face, and combat-rolled inside. The rest was history.

 It’s a fabulously simple concept. You choose a size of cup (quick tip- I know you want to get the Large but even the Small is a force to be reckoned with), choose your yoghurt flavour (chocolate/hazelnut/green apple/chai/coconut/strawberry/original), and load up on toppings. Now, ABOUT THE TOPPINGS.

Every time I see the Yo-Chi toppings bar, time stands still and I hear Etta James crooning “Aaaaat Laaaaaaast… my LOOOOVE has come along…” The options are endless; fresh fruit, chopped nuts, crushed Oreos, chocolate buttons, M&Ms, assorted sauces, jellybeans and everything else you need to find happiness. Then when you get the end of the line (possibly days later), the cheerful staff weigh your cup and you’re done! 

Another thing I love about Yo-Chi is the constant buzzing atmosphere. The place is packed day and night, and the crowd is uber-diverse. You’ll see sharp-suited bankers rubbing shoulders with soccer mums. Hipsters trying to conceal their excitement, closely followed by lycra-clad adventure cyclists. Everyone wants a piece- get yours!

So tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. Because if loving froyo is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

View:; Visit: 292 Carlisle St Balaclava 3183; Open: 7 days 11am- 11pm Wallet: 100g for $2.80


4 thoughts on “Froyo Frenzy: Yo-Chi Frozen Yoghurt Bar, Melbourne, Australia

  1. Not to be obnoxious but they’ve had such places here in the U.S. ( NYC in my case) for ages. Some have yogurt (no “h” sorry) flavors like salted caramel – in which case the trick is to not go hog-wild with the toppings. But yeah — yummers, as you might say over there…

  2. We actually have these things in Augusta – I know, shocker!!! I’ve yet to try the bo bo ball thingy’s??? A bit scared of them…

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