Soundtrack to My Weekend: Charles & Eddie: Would I Lie To You?

LE HUGE SIGH. I just love the bejesus out of this song, and have done ever since I was a little girl in afro-puffs. We had a working television for approximately three days out of my entire childhood, and I spent every available moment of those days watching MTV. I’ll never forget the first time I saw this video. I was in the middle of re-enacting a WWF fight with my little brother (how we never killed or paralysed each other is a mystery to me) and suddenly I heard this male falsetto crooning “Would I lieeee…” I swung around quick-smart because I instantly knew that no, this man would never lie. Not to me.

And that was the moment my crush began. Look yeah, I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t know which one of these gents is Charles and which one is Eddie. All I know is that I’ve been lusting after that guy with the luxurious mane of long hair ever since I was a kid. Look how he swishes it. How he whips it back and forth. See how he gives excellent sideburn/earring action too? Urgh I just want to help him apply an Aveda hair mask and give him a salacious scalp massage. I have indeed looked into his eyes (which, yes, are open wide) and I can see that even if he did lie to me, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass.

Anyhoo I have digressed shamelessly. Soz- the video is perfection, and not just because of Charles/Eddie’s coiff (please don’t tell me which dude is which, I love the not knowing). I also love this track because that early 90s beat gives me everything I have ever needed in life. Plus a little bit extra.

I also adore the sweetness of the message. I’m single, but I may not always be. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll fall in love. And perhaps one day I’ll read his diary and find that I really am in every line.



7 thoughts on “Soundtrack to My Weekend: Charles & Eddie: Would I Lie To You?

  1. Oooooh, this is such a great song!!!! Girl you KNOW it’s true, and you can’t blame it on the rain!!!! Now off to download it onto my ipod.

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