Soundtrack to My Weekend: So Hot- Rahsaan Patterson

It’s Easter my loves! This is my favourite time of year. It’s spring, and everything is lush and green and filled with hope. The sun is out, the days are getting longer, and I have to tell you, I just feel fantastic! I love being able to shrug off the misery of winter and start thinking about my vast array of sundresses and sandals. It might still be chilly here in London, but the weather is beautiful. I will never complain about being able to feel the sun on my face.

So in the spirit of sunshine and sass, allow me to present one of my favourite songs.

This track is so joyous and filled with funk that I can barely contain myself long enough to type this *insert naked cartwheel* I’ve been listening to this on repeat for over a week now, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon!

Why we love this song:

1) Right from the start, the beat grabs you and refuses to quit. Tell me you’re not bopping while listening to this. Stop it! You’re lying.

2) I love the lyrics. Listen to the man: “You’ve got a way of dancing/ that’s making me want to do things/ like taking a chance on romancing/ cos you make my temperature rise…” YAAAAAAAASSS. It’s perfect! That moment of pure connection when you’re dancing with your crush, feeling the beat reverberate through the soles of your feet and move up through your body. Maybe the two of you get closer (I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind), maybe your eyes meet, maybe you think “OMG THIS IS HAPPENING OMG” I effing love it.

3) Do we need to talk about Mr Patterson’s dulcet tones? The way his voice sounds like velvet, like Stevie Wonder revisited?

4) When the track reaches the bridge at 2:40, that thumping beat and pared-down vocal allows you to, as my darling Rosie says, “get all your shoulders in it” Go. On. Ahead. You work hard, you deserve this!

Finally, look what I found when I was hunting for this track; a choreographed routine to “So Hot” that’s a delight to watch. These guys are having so much fun and it makes me so happy:

Have a wonderful Easter darlings! Get out there in the sun and cavort to your heart’s content. And remember, Jesus is the reason for the season!



4 thoughts on “Soundtrack to My Weekend: So Hot- Rahsaan Patterson

  1. (to the tune of the ‘got me so hot’ break out of the bridge) thank-you-adj-pants, thank-you-adjpants, thank-you-adjpants giiiirrrrrlllll…
    and the backup singers go “thaaaaaaaaaaank yooooouuuuu aaaaaaaaaaadj-paaaaaannnnnnnnnttttssss…baaaaaaaaaack aaaaaaaaaaattttt yoooooooouuuuu”…=)

  2. My shoulders are getting thoroughly into it!! Happy Easter darling! Hope you’re enjoying that chocolate. I’m still feeling the guilt but will work through that and had a piece. He has risen indeed! ğŸ£ğŸ£ğŸ£ğŸ£ğŸ‡ğŸ‡ğŸ‡ğŸ‡ğŸ‡ğŸŒžğŸŒžğŸŒž

    1. Yes dahling Christ is risen and He requested that we eat treats in His honour! Thanks my love, having a divine weekend & hope you are too! Hope you’re balls deep in PD fun! P.s. the guilt is so intense! Am I Catholic? ♥♥

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