Weekly Nailgasm- Great Gatsby Inspired


Full disclosure: I only read The Great Gatsby for the first time last year. You know how sometimes you’re in a strange frame of mind and you lose interest in a book within minutes? Write it off, put it down? And then you come back to it months later and BAM! You’re in love.

This is how it was with The Great Gatsby and I. On the second try, I was enchanted, hooked, gagging on the sheer ELEGANZA of it all. The glitz, the glamour, the wild jazz and the painfully beautiful tale of a doomed love affair.

*sighs wistfully while staring out of window*

So yah I created this nail art look inspired by Gatsby art deco fashion. Think flapper chic; deep moody colours, gilded with delicate lines of gold.

Serve with a Prohibition mint julep, old sport!

Love, Adjpants


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