I AM 30!


Today I turn 30 years old, and I think it’s safe to say that nobody has ever been quite this excited about anything, ever. When people hear that I’m about to hit the big 3-0, they do that thing where there’s a wince and a sharp intake of breath (sometimes paired with a pat on the shoulder), and they start to say “Oooh scary right? How are you feeling about…” And then they trail off when they see the look on my face.

It’s a huge (inevitably gap-toothed) grin that I can’t hide whenever I’m reminded that I’m about to hit this milestone. I’M 30 YEARS OLD! The thought of it makes me want to bust a move; launch into a set of impeccable naked cartwheels.

Why am I so excited? Because I look at my life right now and I can’t believe how ludicrously blessed I am. I am so grateful. I had my birthday party on Saturday, and it was like a dream. It was a joyous, chaotic and sparkly affair. The guests were beloved friends from different points in my life- many had never met each other before. I looked around and felt overwhelmed by love. I even felt the love of those who weren’t there with me in person- like  my darling Rosie; my partner in crime, yin to my yang, the sun in my sky. This girl is with me always.

I am 30. I was blessed with the wonderful family that I was born into. As if that wasn’t enough, I was then blessed with the replacement family I picked up along the way. I am happy, healthy and fulfilled. Where there used to be a painfully shy little girl who couldn’t make eye contact, there is now a woman whose laugh can be heard for miles. Where there was once a little girl terrified of being too far away from the safety of her bedroom, there is now a woman who has lived in 3 different continents in as many years.

I am 30. When I look at my life and the people I share it with, I know that I’m blessed. Because honestly? Nobody could be quite this lucky.




14 thoughts on “I AM 30!

  1. Happy 30 years to you lady. and what a lady you are. may you have the nest birthday week and year ever. catching up to me now 🙂 xo

  2. Happy birthday!!!!! Welcome to your 30′s! <3<3
    YAY! It sounded like the perfect celebration to start you off in this new journey that is your thirties=) Cheers!!

  3. Oh, I don’t know that you’re any luckier than we are to bask in your exemplary attitude and infectiously joyful spirit — young at heart, wise in time. OK, maybe a little luckier. Fine – maybe a LOT. I can’t imagine wishing you a happier 30th than the one you’re obviously already having, but a great big Omniverse-sized HAPPY 30TH ADJ anyway! Now, ahem – about those naked cartwheels… 😉

  4. Love this! I’m excited about your excitement!! Miss having you around girly! I’m coming to visit next year!

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