It’s a Scandal: The Olivia Pope Nude Lip

From the moment I first saw Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, I was SLAIN. The crisp suits with tailoring so sharp it’d have your eye out, the immaculate hair and those luscious cream silk blouses… I needed it all. Immediately, if not sooner. But it was Ms Pope’s flawless makeup that had me ready to launch into songs of praise and worship.

She was serving pristine, glowing skin, a softly defined eye with a bad-ass cut crease, and perfectly lined nude lips. I was besotted by the lips in particular, so I set about trying to recreate this look on myself. Et voila!


While my face did not take on the dreamy perfection that is Kerry Washington, I was really happy with the result. So pour yourself an Olivia Pope-sized glass of wine (you may need a bucket to properly replicate the volume we’re talking about), and throw a cream cashmere cardigan over your silk pajamas. Sit comfortably while I tell you how I created the perfect nude lip. Turn off that damn phone though- I don’t want Fitz calling while we’re talking lipstick. Effing Fitz… with his effing face… but DON’T get me started!

1. Anyhoo I started by prepping my lips (or as my baby brother used to say, lipses). Olivia Pope doesn’t look like she permits crusty lips at Pope & Associates, so get your life together girl. I usually use a teensy bit of facial scrub (my go-to is Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing Scrub) on my lips in the shower to keep ’em super soft. I then moisturise with Lucas PawPaw Ointment, my beloved beauty all-rounder from Australia. If anyone is looking for a super cheap dupe to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, this is it!

2. Time to get nude people! Finding your perfect nude lipstick is a rite of passage, and once you do, life will be fabulous. Mine is Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in “Autumn Rush”. It’s a sort of creamy light brown with just the right amount of pale pink undertone. So just apply your lippy and admire it for a sec. Urgh. Look. At. You. Perfection!

3. Grab a complementary lip liner- I went with a dark brown to add some depth: CoverGirl Brow & Eye Maker in “Midnight Brown”. Carefully line the edges of your lips, all the way round ( keep it light, ladies- this ain’t the 90s).

4. To finish, add a small amount of nude gloss to the center of your bottom lip. My favourite is Iman Cosmetics Luxury Lip Shine in “Expose”. Lightly press your lips together to blend, making sure the gloss is evenly distributed and there are no harsh edges from the liner. Here’s the end result!


This nude lip is perfect for any look. Pair it with a smokey eye for ooh-la-la hotness, or with flawless skin and lashings of mascara for everyday chic.

So what do you think, my darlings? You like? Who else has been slain by Scandal? Can’t wait to hear from you!






5 thoughts on “It’s a Scandal: The Olivia Pope Nude Lip

  1. So, are your braids gone now????? I love the nude you created. Do you think it would work on me? You saw my sickly looking mug with that nude and Southern belle blow dry. I didn’t think it was a good look for me. I look like I’m having a bad period. You look fab!

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