The Perfect Red Lip!

If there’s one staple makeup trick you need to nail before the festive season kicks in, it’s the perfect red lip.

Remember those sophisticated, sharp-suited women from the 90s? With intense shoulder pads and red power lipstick? I used to sigh at those flawless red lips and think I’d never be able to pull it off. Turns out I (and you, sweetheart) can do and wear whatever I want! Yay!

The best thing about red lipstick is that it’s effortlessly chic and gorgeous. It pulls together any outfit and instantly says to the world “I got this, bruh.”

My fave red lippie, always and forever, is MAC’s Ruby Woo. This deep red with blue undertones looks incredible on every skin tone, from porcelain to chocolate. It comes in a retro matte formula, which can be a bit drying but done right, allows for maximum staying power. And this red is so perfect for Christmas! Check it:



YAAAAASS Miss Hunty! You ready to serve? Then let’s begin.

To avoid the dreaded #CrustyLip while rocking this classic look, one must prep one’s lips. Exfoliate your lips beforehand- I like to gently use my regular facial scrub on my lips in the shower.

Follow with a rich, moisturising lip balm- nothing too oily though or your lippie will slide right off! I use a teeny dab of shea butter or Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment (miracle Aussie product I fell in love with when I was living Down Under).

And den… time to line that kisser. Get a nice red lipliner (I like “Cherry” by MAC), make sure it’s nice and sharp, and fill in your lips. Start with a clean outline and then fill in completely.

Finally grab your lipstick and apply! Pro-tip: Blot your lippie on a tissue and then re-apply a second coat, before blotting one last time. Et voila! You’re all done. Now get your fine self under that mistletoe!


(Alternatively, just head to the bus stop and serve fierceness to unsuspecting civilians)

P.s. I’m dedicating this post to my homegirl and partner in crime, the delectable Rosie from A Red Lip and a Nude Shoe. I’m always talking about how much I adore this chick, but this post especially reminds me of her because she loves to throw down with a red lip.

It also reminds me of one of the (many) fab nights out Rosie and I had years ago in Melbourne, Australia. We were waiting for the tram and I was about to re-apply my lipstick, when the lid of my Ruby Woo fell out of my hands and rolled across the busy street. Amidst all the cackles and giggles, I quickly forgot all about it. A few days later, Rosie presented me with this gorgeous little silk case to store my lipstick in. And this has been my Ruby Woo’s home ever since ♥

Every time I pick up this case, it reminds me of the giddy hilarity of that night, and how very happy I was. Hugs to my Rosie!

So what’s your go-to red lip gals? Tell me in the comments innit!



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