Winter Warmers: Southbank Christmas Market

Dahlings! Adjpants here, reporting live from the Winter Wonderland that is currently London. I’m normally not a huge fan of Christmas. I always spend the festive season in the tropics, and while it’s fabulous and hot and lush, it doesn’t always feel that Christmassy.

This year for a change I’ll be staying put in London, sharing with you all the sparkly, rosy-cheeked joy of a white Christmas! Yay!


So let’s get started with Winter Warmer number 1: Southbank Christmas Market, at London’s thriving Southbank Centre. Lemme go ahead and paint you a word picture: think twinkling lights, carousels, mulled wine, bustling food stalls of every description, adorable wooden chalets, handmade gifts that would make Etsy weep… this market is THE CUTEST.

If you only do 3 things at the Christmas Market, they should be:

1. Visit the Frenchie food stand for duck fat french fries. YES. You heard me. They took the world’s most delicious food and f*cking fried it in duck fat. Then just because they have zero chill, they served it with an exquisite truffle mayo. I just… I just can’t. This was pure melt-in-your-mouth heaven.


And so your fries don’t get lonely, why not nestle them next to a duck confit burger?



2. Hang out at the Rekordelig Cider Lounge, in a hip Swedish fashion. I feel about Rekordelig cider the way most people feel about sex. Yes, I said it. So my joy at seeing this lounge was no surprise. It was adorable! Pared down light wooden floors, little sparkling trees, communal-style bench tables and a few cosy booths… plus all the sweet cider you can chug. Go.


3. Getchu a piece of the gorgeous handmade soaps and creams from Sou & Co’s stand! I saved the best for last. I insist that you hunt down this stall upon the immediate. Not only is the display the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, the products smell and feel sumptuous. From lavender infused soap to pure shea butter hand cream, you’ll find everything you need to stay silky-smooth this winter. Check them out at


Other special mentions go to the epic waffle stand where my gal pal had a waffle topped with confit duck and a biodynamic egg. From the small piece I stole before receiving a swift slap (I kid, it was just warning side-eye) I can report back that it was delicious.

Also do check out the Polish Sausage stand, which had a queue snaking round the chalets for miles. They’re doing something to those weiners that people can’t get enough of!

It was a lovely mid-week jaunt and I highly recommend a visit. Great vibe, lovely food and lots to spend your cash on…



The market is open until January so go on and treat yo’self! I know for damn sure I’m going back for a do-over. Because you see the way those duck fat fries were set up…


When: Until 4th January 2015.
(Open Monday to Thursday 10am – 9pm, Friday and Saturday 10am – 10pm, Sunday 10am – 9pm)

Where: Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

How much: It’s free boo!


7 thoughts on “Winter Warmers: Southbank Christmas Market

  1. Ummmm Imma have to come on over to ummm… see what I need to do is actually taste test those fries to see if they aaaaaaaaaah have anything dangerous in them *side eyes you down like a bish*
    Dahling! You look so heavenly and resplendent in that fur stole, I must have it on the immediate xo

    1. Haha! See what had happened was uhhh… well now… ma’am… Those fries had me singing praises and tearing off my weave. Lawd! Aww thanks dahling! P.s. excellent use of “resplendent” How I love you!

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