Review: Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick in “Tweek”

My liebchens, my darlings, my shnookums(es)! Hey! So let’s get straight into it- I have a new obsession I wanted to share with you guys. Because I love you, and also because I want you to join me in Buying All of The Things so I don’t feel guilty.

A few months ago I created an Olivia Pope-esque nude lip, using my favourite nude lipstick at the time, Maybelline’s “Autumn Rush.” Well see what had happened was… I’m now having a salacious affair with another nude lippie! *cue gasp*


This dreamy nude lippie is Sleek Makeup’s True Colour Lipstick in “Tweek.” I adore this UK brand because they’re one of the few high street/drugstore makeup lines geared towards women of colour. I can’t even begin to describe the f*ckery and frustration I used to suffer, in the days before I could afford MAC products. I would be giving side-eye to the ONE (two if you were lucky) black-girl-friendly shade offered by Maybelline. It was usually called something like “Cocoa” or “Mocha” and it was always an ashy hot mess! Sleek filled a gap in the market, and over the years I’ve become really impressed with their product offering and pricing. I mean just look at this lushness!




Ladylike perfection.

What I love most about this lipstick is that it slicks on like a dream, and stays on comfortably for hours. You could change it up for 90s chic by lining the outside of your lips with a chocolate-brown lip pencil. Or for maximum 2014 festive slayage, slick some gold-hued shimmer over the top.

Getchu some! Do you have a fave nude lipstick?



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