Christmas OOTD!

8 thoughts on “Christmas OOTD!”

  1. Yow to the ZA!!!!
    I’m just gonna go pack up my stuff and leave. Total SLAYAGE!!!! Simply gorgeous outfit and your hair is giving me so much life I could cry😍😍😍😍

    1. Hahahaaa! STAWP yourself! Thanks so much dahling! Oh my gosh the hurr is new! I was really scared but I was like nah WWRD (What Would Rosie Do) and I went for it. LOL xo

  2. Guuuurl, this hair is giving me such life, and your gaw-juss face guarantees me a place in heaven, sweet baby JESUS. You are slaying it gurl. You look so beautiful!!!! Come snuggle in my bed NOW.

  3. Girl I saw this picture on your Insta and stopped to admire you. You. Look. Stunning! So much sass in this post – I love it! & I agree, baby Jesus needed those gold hoops in his life.

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