OOTD: The Lazy Sunday


Sweethearts! Hi there. Just thought I’d share one of my favourite casual outfits. A couple of weeks back, a friend and I decided to treat ourselves to a day of lavish leisure (YES, hunty). We went to an incredible Pop Art exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, and then lunched it up like bosses. This is what I wore.

Faux leather jacké (a jacké is like a jacket but FANCY): I picked up this hot little item from Primark a couple of months ago. I love it cos it’s super soft and pliable (I don’t like those stiff leather jackets where you’re serving serious shoulders). Can’t remember how much it was exactly, but like I always say, it was Primark so… they probably paid me to take it ha!

Leopard print scarf: Ooh I think I found this while combing through the bargain bin at a charity shop. This glorious scarf was £2.50.

Grey long-sleeved tee: One of my best-loved staples from Cotton On Australia. Forgotten how much exactly but it was definitely cheap as chips.

Tribal-print leggings: I effing LOVE these leggings! I got these from Forever 21+ in Vegas last summer. Those folks at F21 did not come to play childish games- their plus size range was absolutely gorgeous. Fierce, feisty fashion for those of us serving a bit more BAWDY. I don’t remember how much these were, because I just threw my credit card at the counter and lost my mind.

Boots: Ooh chile. I got these brown booties from Primark last autumn, and lemme tell you, they have really stood the test of time! They cost £12 and they are the most comfortable and cute boots I own. Even though these things have been through struggle, devastation and all sorts of hellish weather, they’re still holding up. I actually like them even more now they’re all beat-up.

Handbag: I got this adorable tan handbag last summer at H&M. I want to say it was £35? LOLz! Why am I so bad at recalling prices? Is this why I have no money?

And there you have it! What’s your favourite play-date/casual outfit?



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