12 thoughts on “Homecoming.”

  1. Loved this so much!! Life is all kinds of scary sometimes but that’s when the rewards are greater.
    This next chapter is going to be filled with so much fabulous it’s gonna hurt 😘😊😍❤️

  2. Love your mum’s quote “You can’t miss out on your destiny. Whatever is meant to be, will be, and you have to trust the journey.” So true that I teared up!

  3. Omg, my dearest friend, you are so brave and I am so happy you did this. I am also AMAZED because this crave for stability, this call for settling somewhere I can call home, has been raging up and down my veins the last few months and I couldn’t quite understand why. Perhaps it’s timing? Perhaps all TCKs feel it at the same time? I was in Germany a few weeks ago, staring at all my beloved books in boxes, and I whispered to them: “I’ll find a home for you really soon.” I want to unpack them before the basement turns all their pages yellow and moudly. But where??? Literally two nights ago, I had a friend test me on where I should move and decide for me. She said Spain.

    Girl, I love you so much and I wish you all the best in Ghana. So you’re there now! I must come to visit. I love Ghana, and Nigeria seems so volatile these days. I wish you a good settling in, sister. I know how hard it is, but you’re not alone and I am sending you LOVE.

    1. My beloved Ritti, oh my goodness how did you know about the books?! How many times have I died inside when packing to move countries YET AGAIN and I’ve had to get rid of some of my collection due to lack of space? They’re in boxes all over the world, and more than anything I just want to have a lovely bookshelf, in one house, in one country for them to live on forever. And yes maybe the need for stability is an age thing.

      Thank you so much for stopping by- I love you more than words could say. You know West Africa will always be your home, so come back to us soon xx

  4. What a great post! I had many of the same feelings when I moved to Ghana five months ago, and still have mini “what the f*** have I done, moving my whole to Ghana/Nigeria” moments. Hope you are settling in! Would be lovely to chat more, and perhaps meet for a coffee in the future

    1. Lola!! Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Oh my gosh the returnee struggle is so real and it’s amazing to connect with others going through it too. Yes we should definitely meet up, that would be fab! I’m a clean eating gal too. Drop me an email on adwoa_asiedu@hotmail.co.uk

  5. I moved to Ghana a year and a half ago and circumstances forced me to leave temporarily long before I was ready. When leaving I felt the same fears as you describe, despite moving back to a place I had lived in for years before first stepping foot in Ghana. It is amazing how so many factors can make a move that is necessary so difficult.

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