Accra Update: Two Weeks In…

6 thoughts on “Accra Update: Two Weeks In…”

  1. Oh Adj, how your insights on life crack me up. Taxi drivers ripping off foreigners is a given in most countries, so I wouldn’t be too offended, besides i’m sure you’ll be haggling with them like a Twi pro in no time.
    I think they have it right in Ghana with the pace of life, why rush through things when you can be more present and actually focus on what you’re actually doing and your surroundings vs what you’re doing next. Ashanti and rice balls. . . makes sense
    Much Love. Miss Chan

  2. Love love love it! I propose you chat to the BBC or whoever and ask them to give you your own show; Adj’s Adventures in Accra – I can see it now! Can’t wait to read more 🙂 xo

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