Crowning Glory: My Natural Hair Journey

11 thoughts on “Crowning Glory: My Natural Hair Journey”

  1. You’re rocking that fro already!!!! My holy grail of products is Shea butter. To seal in moisture for our extra thick African hair. And it’s pretty affordable (in its original form)… Good luck in this journey babes

    1. Denike my love! Thank you sooo much for your advice! I love shea butter- moving back to Ghana has been awesome because I can buy huge blocks of the raw stuff for a great price. I’m so excited. I love Jamaican black castor oil for my roots too. Have you tried it? ♥

      1. Yeah I’ve heard so many good reviews about the JBCO but I made up my mind when I went natural not to be a product junkie (cos it’s soooo easy to be one) so I didn’t really dabble into too many things. I heard its good for thinning edges… I didn’t really give it too much thoughts cos I never really had that issue.

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