About Adjpants


Hello darlings!

Thank you for popping in. I’ll just put the kettle on and tell you a little bit about myself…

People describe me as “globetrotter chic” (they don’t, but hopefully they will if I keep going on about it). I do always pause when asked where I’m from because there’s no simple answer. I’m of Ghanaian heritage, born in Australia. I then grew up with one (pedicured) foot in Nigeria and the other in England, before moving back Down Under on a whim. After a salacious love affair with Melbourne, I moved back to London for two years of frolicking. I then decided to step out on faith and move to Ghana… so watch this space!

I’ve always loved to write, and back when I was a painfully shy kid, words were my creative outlet. Growing up I was convinced I would be running around in heels a la Carrie Bradshaw, writing up a storm and kissing boys. Consider this my second try. At both.

Other bits and bobs? I guess I’m what you’d call a foodie. I love to stuff my face and I appreciate the heck out of a good jus. I also love pretty things- whether it be vintage floral fabrics, sparkly nail art, or a good lipstick. I love brightly coloured drinks in dive bars. I’m also an old soul, and can often be found with my nose in a book on a Friday night #TurnUp

Welcome to my blog; a safe place where all manner of fashion, foolishness and frippery can be discussed without fear of judgment.



11 thoughts on “About Adjpants

  1. Fantastic content and engaging written style, adjpants! I’m a believer.

    I would love to have you attend a press preview event, marking the launch of new (televised) entertainment concept Dine & View: where the best of Nollywood unites with the finest West African cuisine.

    Please advise of an email where I can send the press pack and your e-invite – should you wish to accept. 🙂

    With thanks & best wishes,


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