Nailed it!

There’s one thing you should know about me. I don’t play when it comes to my nails- they must be “did” at all times. Back in the day, my mum had to ban me from using her nail polish. I was enchanted by the plethora of choices that were (literally) at my fingertips. and couldn’t … Continue reading Nailed it!

I Need a Hero

Question: What is all this New Age Man rubbish? Metro sexual? What? Basically it’s supposed to mean that we have been delivered from the Neanderthal attitudes of men who used to holler out sexist comments at busty blondes and guzzle pints of Stella Artois at the same time. Instead, a woman can now look forward … Continue reading I Need a Hero

Break it Down

“We were on a BREAK!” It was the cry heard around the world- famously screamed by Ross after he had cheated on Rachel during a “break” in their relationship. But how does it actually happen in real life? Boy meets girl, they fall in love, it gets messy, and they take a break? I didn’t … Continue reading Break it Down

The Wedding

So there I am. Amidst the crowd of wedding guests, perfectly framed against the ivy-covered marble archway, sipping on a champagne cocktail. I stand out from the sea of black and white, resplendent in my bright turquoise dress. I’m feeling regal and divine. The waiter comes by with a fresh tray of drinks and people … Continue reading The Wedding