They See Me Rolling: Roll’d Hardware Lane, Melbourne, Australia

I was devastated when my buddy Tung from the office resigned, explaining that he was starting a family business. He then said “We’re opening up a Vietnamese street food restaurant in the city.” I looked up from drying my tears, my attention and appetite piqued. Fast-forward a few months down the line and his restaurant, … Continue reading They See Me Rolling: Roll’d Hardware Lane, Melbourne, Australia

A Land Down Under

Darlings! Hi! How is everyone? Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere freezing our tits off, well… this too shall pass. Those of you living it up in balmy weather in the Southern Hemisphere- my jealousy right now is so deep. I’m looking DIRECTLY at Rosie of aredlipandanudeshoe fame. Now! Some of you may already … Continue reading A Land Down Under

Sashay Away, 2013.

Alright hunties- it’s the last day of 2013. A time for quiet reflection, deep thought, and cutting shapes under a disco ball. This time last year, my dearest pal Rosie and I made a list of the four lessons that we’d learned in 2012. These were: 1. Wear all your best things now. No more … Continue reading Sashay Away, 2013.

Untitled 1.

Earlier this year, I took a Creative Writing class in a rare spurt of courage. It was terrifying and incredible and I loved every second. One of our first assignments was to write a short piece that described ourselves through someone else’s eyes. The teacher said we could pick any moment in time- it didn’t … Continue reading Untitled 1.

My Girl

You know how I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day? Oh you didn’t know? Well I have. And it’s because I’m talking about my girl… Rosie. If my life was a pop song, she would be the uplifting key change. Rosie was the Office Manager at the agency I worked for. She was this vivacious … Continue reading My Girl