Weekly Nailgasm: Ombre Tribal

Hey boos!

It’s been a while since my last nail art post, so I wanted to kick off my Weekly Nailgasm series again! What better way to sashay back to nail art glory than with this chic ombre tribal print?


Better GIT IT. I love ombre so much, whether it’s on hair, fabric, or nails. Speak not to me of trends! I don’t know whether ombre is still “in” or not, and I don’t care. I adore it and I intend to wear a disrespectful 34-inch ombre Mongolian weave to my 70th birthday paree. You’re all invited.

Ok! So for ombre nails I like to select three complementary colours. It’s super easy- I just paint each third of the nail a different colour, working fast so none of the colours dry before the next one goes on. This makes it easier to muddle the colours a bit at the transition line.

I always start with a good base coat- my fave is Sally Hansen’s Double Duty. For this design I used the following three colours:

“Beach Bum Blu” by Essie
“How do You Lilac It?” by Rimmel
“Shorts Story” by OPI

Once the base was dry, I used a black nail art pen to create thick graphic lines. All you need for this step is a steady hand and your imagination (wine helps, too). I let the lines dry and then I added some highlights with a white nail art pen and “Golden Nuggets” glitter by Essie.

Let the whole shebang dry and then finish with a good quality top coat- my favourite is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. And there you have it!

I loved this design so much that it inspired me to create this cute painting. That’s right. I’m my own muse, bish. YAAAASS for matching your nail art to your wall art!


Hope you liked it, dolls! Look out for more Weekly Nailgasms coming soon. Hugsies.



OOTD: The Lazy Sunday


Sweethearts! Hi there. Just thought I’d share one of my favourite casual outfits. A couple of weeks back, a friend and I decided to treat ourselves to a day of lavish leisure (YES, hunty). We went to an incredible Pop Art exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, and then lunched it up like bosses. This is what I wore.

Faux leather jacké (a jacké is like a jacket but FANCY): I picked up this hot little item from Primark a couple of months ago. I love it cos it’s super soft and pliable (I don’t like those stiff leather jackets where you’re serving serious shoulders). Can’t remember how much it was exactly, but like I always say, it was Primark so… they probably paid me to take it ha!

Leopard print scarf: Ooh I think I found this while combing through the bargain bin at a charity shop. This glorious scarf was £2.50.

Grey long-sleeved tee: One of my best-loved staples from Cotton On Australia. Forgotten how much exactly but it was definitely cheap as chips.

Tribal-print leggings: I effing LOVE these leggings! I got these from Forever 21+ in Vegas last summer. Those folks at F21 did not come to play childish games- their plus size range was absolutely gorgeous. Fierce, feisty fashion for those of us serving a bit more BAWDY. I don’t remember how much these were, because I just threw my credit card at the counter and lost my mind.

Boots: Ooh chile. I got these brown booties from Primark last autumn, and lemme tell you, they have really stood the test of time! They cost £12 and they are the most comfortable and cute boots I own. Even though these things have been through struggle, devastation and all sorts of hellish weather, they’re still holding up. I actually like them even more now they’re all beat-up.

Handbag: I got this adorable tan handbag last summer at H&M. I want to say it was £35? LOLz! Why am I so bad at recalling prices? Is this why I have no money?

And there you have it! What’s your favourite play-date/casual outfit?